y name is Olivia,  but you can call me Liv- I am 11 years old and the CEO of my organization Livanthropy. 


5 years ago, my Mom was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. When she was sick we both realized the importance of community and as the community rallied behind us, we vowed to pay it forward when she healed. 


Right after she went into remission we started giving back. We started by collecting almost 1,000 umbrellas and gave them to families who needed them in Oakland and San Leandro. The next year, we collected toiletries for the homeless; after that we gave toys and diapers to shelters around town and the rest is history. Check out our In The News tab for a complete list of our drives. 


We have been able to give over $15,000 directly to Oakland families who need it most. And then, we launched Livanthropy- our non profit organization where giving will change the world! 


It's been my mission to be grateful for what I have, to teach others to #livlife in the moment and always give back to change the world! I hope to inspire other children to do the same and couldn’t do any of this without the support of my Livanthropy team and YOU! Thanks!


Lots of love,




n 2013, Olivia’s Mommy, Sarah was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer and their life was turned upside down. Almost instantly, Sarah went from working a full time job in Politics and Education to not being able to provide for her daughter. It was then they realized that the community and family support they had behind them was tremendous.


Sarah was thrown into world of choosing between chemo pills and new shoes for Liv- it was something that she had never had to face before and it was an eye opener. Sarah was very open with Olivia and even at the young age of 5 years old- they discussed as a team, every move. Sarah and Olivia were truly on a powerful journey- one they will never forget.


One rainy day, on one of Sarah’s “good” days- they were driving in their car, and stopped at a red light. Olivia from the back seat remarked that she was “very angry that there was a Mommy at the bus stop in the rain and the kids had no umbrella”....Sarah and Olivia discussed the fact that not everyone can afford an umbrella, and instantly Olivia had an idea: when her Mommy got better they would help all the people in Oakland and San Leandro who couldn’t afford an umbrella and give them all one.


One year later, when Sarah was in remission, the #LivLife Umbrella drive was launched and with the help of their amazing community raised thousands of dollars and thousands of umbrellas! Afterall, Sarah and Olivia had been helped by so many and vowed to always give back- and that’s what they will do! This is where it all began and the rest is history. 


It is Liv's calling to inspire other children to be grateful for what they have and so easily the vision of Livanthropy manifested.



Gift Card Drive
2nd Annual Toy Drive w/ Black Santa Co. & NBA Baron Davis
1st Annual Holiday Toy Drive
Necessity and Blessing Bag Drive
Where it all began.... Umbrella Drive

Empower children to be grateful for what they have; be concerned about the welfare of others and choose to give back to their community.

We envision a world where all kids that choose to give back have opportunities to support families, who may not have shelter, food or support braving the storms of life and directly impact their community. Kids have cool ideas and we should listen to them!

Selflessness. We empower kids to think of others before they think of themselves.​​


Confidence.  We instill confidence in kids with embracing and supporting their ideas and teaching them the power of philanthropy


Inclusion. We value each person as an individual, embracing youth, diversity and promoting inclusion throughout our organization and community.

Innovation. We acknowledge our privilege of information technology and will use our resources to foster new ideas and creativity through tech and other methods for kids with the giving spirit.


Have a cool idea or want to volunteer? Send us an email!